2 Types of Camps Offered this Year for Free

Two Camps that are offered:

  • Traditional Family Fit Camp — FREE
  • Sports Performance Camp-  FREE



Arizona Family Fit Camp was started in 2010 by Jason Paladino and Jon Binsbacher. The two dads were looking for a camp to get their kids exercising over the summer. The  camp has grown into a safe, fun, enjoyable camp for all skill levels and all ages. The AZ Family Fit Camp is a Unified Camp. We have able kids and kids with special needs in the camp together.   This will be our 9th Annual Family Fit Camp and our 7th year Annual camp of playing all-inclusive. This is a non-profit program focused on the importance of a healthy lifestyle to children and adults.  This is a fun camp as well; where we do relays, shuttles, play games that include but not limit to capture the flag, sharks and minnows, soccer,  and Fit camp favorite of everyone is Ultimate Frisbee.



This camp is for the more serious Fit Camper or for the traditional fit camper who wants something different-   We will be doing workouts that will help improve Vertical Jump, Speed, Acceleration, Deceleration, Power, Strength and Movement Control.

Both of the Fit Camps are  chiefly concerned with developing participants’:

1) Speed
2) Agility
3) Strength
4) Endurance
5) Flexibility


Nutrition and Injury Prevention are also topics we heavily emphasize for both camps. We will be promoting whole foods including: lean meat, fruits and veggies.    The coaches of the program consist of Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, and high school and college sports med student leaders. We will be running, jumping, agility drills, and working on correct form during individuals skill work.

The objectives of the AZ Family Fit Camp are:
1) To provide a healthy outside exercise-based program during the summer for all youth and adults, 3 years old and older.

2) To provide a tremendous opportunity for college and high school aged student athletes to work over the summer, providing a community service by working with children.

3) Due to interest from the parents, we will again be offering a program for  parents to exercise and stay fit as well while the kids are in the Fit Camp. Role modeling is a valuable component to the longevity of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

4) Play Unified / All-inclusive:  if you have a special needs child that you want to participate in the camp.  We have found that if we have a family member attend the camp the athlete particpates more.  We heavily encourage a family member to attend the camp.

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